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At C2G Environmental, we understand the importance of keeping your construction site secure and safe at all times. Whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary solutions, we offer a range of security camera options, 24/7 monitoring solutions, as well as access control to ensure the protection of your property around the clock.

Our security solutions include:

Permanent Security Cameras

We offer a wide range of high-quality security cameras designed to withstand the rugged conditions of a construction site while providing clear, detailed footage. With features such as night vision, remote viewing, motion detection, license plate readers, etc., our cameras are the perfect solution for keeping an eye on your site, even when you’re not there.

Temporary Security Cameras

In addition to our permanent cameras, we also offer temporary camera solutions for short-term projects. Our temporary camera solution is a solar-powered security camera skid, designed to be easily set up on remote or off-grid locations.

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems allow you to control who has access to your site and when. This includes options such as keycard access, biometric identification, and remote access control.

Security Fencing

Our security fencing solutions provide a physical barrier around your site to keep unauthorized personnel out. We offer a range of fencing options such as chain-link, welded wire, and temporary fencing.

24/7 Monitoring

We also offer 24/7 monitoring solutions. In the event of any suspicious activity or an emergency, our team will immediately notify the appropriate authorities, providing security for your site and security for your peace of mind.

We offer in-depth analysis and reporting on global political and economic developments that could impact your business or organization. Our team of experts closely monitors events and trends in key regions, providing you with actionable intelligence to inform your decision-making.

Our services include:

Daily Briefings
Daily briefings on important geopolitical developments

In-Depth Reports
In-depth reports on specific countries or regions

Risk Analysis
Analysis of potential risks and opportunities for your industry. Customized research and analysis on request

Our Clients
Our clients include government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations. We have a proven track record of providing accurate, reliable intelligence to help them navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Don’t let geopolitical events take you by surprise. Contact us today to learn more about how our intelligence reporting services can benefit your organization

C2G Safety & Security is dedicated to keeping you secure. Contact us today to learn more about our security solutions.

  • Jobsite Security Cameras
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Corporate/Geopolitical Intelligence

The Services We Offer

Job Site Security Cameras

Our solar powered surveillance camera trailers are capable of autonomous operation for long periods of time.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Our 24/7 security monitoring means you can rest assured that your assets are fully protected at all hours.

Corporate/Geopolitical Intelligence

Our team can help you assess risk and take the proactive steps that will keep your operations running smoothly

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Security Services from C2G Environmental

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